Sony Ericsson Customer absolutelynotService

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I dropped my Xperia Arc phone and the screen cracked, I called Sony Ericsson Customer Service and told them about my problem, they replied that this type of damage is not covered by warranty and it'll cost me $180 to repair, which was totally fine for me, then they gave me a repair number and phone number of the company who will perform the repair.I called them, and the lady provided me with instructions and their address while asking me of my credit card info, same day I send my phone to them.

A week later a called the SE Customer Service again to ask about status of the repair, the guy on a phone had so strong accent that I barely could understand him, I asked him to please repeat what he just said and this *** hang up the phone. Few days later I received my phone unrepaired!!! When I called them back and ask why, they told me that my phone had water damage and it's not covered by warranty, why in the world they care about any other damages it has, when I just asked to change the screen, for my own money? They offered me to start a new repair order, because for some reason (read as "mistake of their employee") my previous order was stated as "under the warranty" (Why then she took my credit card info, and where it went???) I asked them if they guarantee that this time my phone will be repaired for sure and who is going to pay for shipping this time?Then I gspend about 30 minutes on and off on hold, and FINALLY I've got the answer: "Your phone wasn't repaired because it had water damage and we don't repair any phone with water damage because it can stop work at any time".

Couldn't they just start with it? Or it's a secret information that very few empoyees of Sony Ericsson know?

Very unprofessional.It was my last purchase from Sony, I satisfied with the quality (I have camcorder, laptop, tv, phone), but customer service just sucks.

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Sony Ericsson - Sony Xperia phone dies within a year.

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I bought a new Sony Xperia X10a phone on January 17th, 2011. Since then, it's given me nothing but problems and let-downs.

After 11 months the battery lasts less than 12 hours under any usage, the camera doesn't focus or take clear pictures, it crashes constantly, it runs slow and choppy, gives me memory errors, doesn't always stay connected to AT&T even when everyone else has full-bars.

AT&T is taking it back.. but it's still a hassle to get a new phone. Thanks for making the worst phone I've ever seen, Sony. I'm going back to my wonderful Nokia from 2006 until the new phone gets here, it's never given me any problems.. and the battery lasts two days.

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Sony Ericsson Warranty - Watch Your Back

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Followed Sony Ericsson's (SE) instructions to the letter: sent my MW600 stereo bluetooth headset in for warranty repair/replacement, certified mail, with the SE-supplied RMA number attached.Got the signed delivery confirmation back.

SE claims they never received the package, and it's always my responsibility to take the next step to prove/find/correct. After contacting the post office and getting all their documentation, including the handwritten name, signature, and delivery address from the person who picked up the day's packages from the post office, SE still claims they did not receive the package. When asked if the person signing for the package (L Johnson) is an employee of SE, they refuse to answer and will only say if they never received the package there's nothing they can do, and that I need to have the post office trace the package, retrieve it, and return it to me so I can call for a new RMA number and start the process all over again.

This would be a pointless exercise since SE signed for the package, is in possession, and therefore preventing the post office from being able to find the package.

Bottom line: Sony Ericsson's approach to customer service is to make everything the customer's responsibility.That way, if something goes wrong, it's the customer's fault, the customer's problem, and Sony Ericsson can go off to do something more profitable that dealing with customers after the sale.

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Sony Ericsson - Ericsson Customer Service

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I been trying to find someone in Ericsson to buy a product and it is impossible to reach a live person.

for 5 days calling even to Sweden to get someone and still nothing. Our transaction could reach thousands of dollars and still no return calls.

Why is that big companies do not care? Go to Ericsson's web page and try to find a link to CUSTOMER SERVICE.

VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. or a phone number other than the operator that is in India saying IM SORRY every 20 seconds. Very frustrating. We try to help the economy but it looks like the big companies do not care for us, the small people that supports them. FC

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Sony Ericsson - Auto shutdown

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I thought I got rid of my sony Ericsson but insted I changed it for a galaxy s that shuts off on it's own.So it feels like the galaxy s is junk also.

How hard is it to fix this shutdown problem. Some days ate better than others but shuting down in the middle of a phone call equals junk. Can't even use the alarm clock why it shuts off on it's own. F-me get ur *** together samsung.

Junk in my book. Thank you for this piece of *** phone.

Fix it.This sucks.

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